Brandy Week About Us Fear

Brandy Week is a celebration of one of the original great spirits.

In many ways, Brandy is more artisanal, handcrafted and certainly has more expensive base material than
most of the other spirit categories, because it is made from fruits like grapes that require a whole process of
viniculture/viticulture before you even starts fermentation, distillation, and aging.
We firmly believe it’s more than time for a new appreciation of what is one of the great original spirits –

We say it’s Brandy’s Turn!

We partner up with different Brandy producers around the globe to display some of the best Brandies in the
market, through thoughtful activations, educational events, and parties.

Many bars and restaurants in NY are featuring Brandy cocktails during Brandy Week donating to
non-profit organizations, trying to make a better world one drink at a time!


Glass of Brandy - About Brandy Week